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FREE 30 hours for 3/4 years & FREE 15 hours for 2 years.

Meet Our Amazing Team Here At Sky High Achievers Ashton


Michelle Schofield

Nursery Manager

I am the Nursery Manager at Sky High Achievers Ashton. I have a BA HONS in early childhood studies and Early Years Professional Status. I have worked in the childcare sector for 17 years. I have had several roles during my career so far, including Nursery Nurse, Bookstart Officer, Early years consultant, Children’s Centre Manager and over the past 7 years I have managed nurseries within the Tameside borough. I am passionate about providing high quality care, learning and education for the children and families that attend our nursery.


Jean Drennan

Nursery Chef

I joined Sky High Achievers working across both sites supporting both nursery managers in March 2018.

I am now based at the Melandra site permanently I am currently supporting the everyday practice within the Toddler room.

I enjoy getting to know the children and their families in my care and strive to bring the best possible care and learning outcomes for the children.

I am currently studying with Doncaster College and university centre via distance learning to gain my Level 4 and 5 foundation degree in early years.


Leanne Young

Nursery Assistant

I first started working in the early years sector in 2013 as a volunteer. Shortly after this I completed my early years qualification because I enjoyed my role so much. I am passionate and caring and it gives me great satisfaction helping to nurture and educate the children in my care. We are a strong dedicated team and are very supportive of all our families.


Stacey Baker

Nursery Nurse

I am the Out of Scholl Club Leader. I ensure that I fulfil my role to the highest potential every day. I have a good bond with all the children and their families. I have worked for Sky High Achievers since the day it opened. We have a great, hardworking team and we are always there to support each other and our families and lend a listening ear.


Nicole Lomas

Nursery Nurse

I started working in the early years field in 2014 and came straight to this nursery after completing my Level 3 Diploma at college. I worked at the nursery for 3 years before Sky High Achievers took over so I have been here nearly 5 years. When I was younger I enjoyed looking after my nephew and this is what made me peruse a career in childcare. I am a very caring person and I ensure that I am a positive role model to the children and families I work with. I have built up excellent relationships with the parents and children at our nursery.


Fiona Atkinson

Nursery owner and Director

My name is Fiona Atkinson but most people call me Fi in work. I am the owner of Sky High Achievers nursery group which is part of Tuned In Care Group.

As a company our focus is based on our values; Team work, Having fun, Approachability and Being Professional. Looking at our feedback we are well on our way to achieving all of these!

My background includes working in Day nurseries, organising over 5’s development projects, teaching Early Years at HE and FE level and working with families in need.

I have worked in Childcare all of my life so its not just a job to me but a passion. I want everyone to succeed, our team, our families and most importantly our children. We love what we do and I hope it shines through. We look forward to welcoming you.

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